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Good day! Dog Trainers apply different methods. I’ll be showing you what works for me.


If your dog pulls on a leash when walking, do the following:

Stop and pull the leash to your belly and become still as a tree. Eventually your dog will turn and wonder what’s up. When the leash becomes slack, say “good dog” and start your walk again. Repeat this every time he pulls. In no time your dog will be walking with you, not against you.

Your dog trainer, 




Question: Beth from Virginia wrote concerning Starvin’ Marvin, a lost dog she took in whose ribs were showing he was so thin, hence the name.

Beth said she needed Marvin to understand the difference between going outside to go potty and going outside for walks and play.

“What I’m saying is, in the mornings I have a 15-20 minute window of time to take Marvin out. Come afternoons and evenings, we go for at least an hour each. What do I do to make Marvin understand that time is a factor only in the mornings

Answer: You can’t, but you can show him what you need him to do.

There’s a difference between a long walk and a potty, and I’m not talking length of time here, I’m talking purpose.

O.K. I hear you. You’re in a hurry in the mornings.

Put Starvin’ Marvin on a leash and take him outside. When you’re out there, don’t get edgy or keep looking at your watch. It’s not that Marvin knows what that means but he can feel the tension down through his leash making it harder for him to go potty.

Relax. Take your coffee with you. Stand in one spot
The birds are out. The sun is up. It’s still not too hot.

Don’t look at Marvin or else it doesn’t work. He’ll soon realize he’s not going anywhere. Wait him out. Then he’ll go.

Repeat any time your time is short. Marvin will soon learn when you go outside and stop and stand in one spot, it’s different than when you don’t stop, stand, and wait.


Your Dog Trainer